Spanish Version Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? Facilitator Guide

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Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? Facilitator Guide - An easy word-for-word scripted guide provides the facilitator with exactly what they need to lead all eight 50 minute sessions. This product is part of the Facilitator Kit. To facilitate a program, you will also need a copy of The Full Plate Diet book, Participant Guide and Fiber Guide. Save money by purchasing the Facilitator Kit, instead of A la Carte items.


Participants will learn how to fill their plate to lose weight by eating more natural fiber-rich foods. More importantly, they will learn 10 tools designed to help them lose weight permanently. Also in this program, participants will find out if they are actually ready to lose weight now, and if not, how to get ready.

This fully illustrated guide has been culturized to feature high fiber foods common in South American cuisine. So you can still enjoy familiar tastes and flavors as you slim down and improve your health.

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Edition: Version 1.0

Softcover – spiral: 128 pages

Publisher: The Full Plate Diet

Language: Spanish

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