Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? Participant Guide

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Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? Participant Guide - Colorful guide used by each participant of the group for personal introspection and fun exercises each session. This product is part of the Participant Kit. In the group program you will also need The Full Plate Diet book, and Fiber Guide. Purchasing a Participant Kit will save you money versus A la Carte.


In eight 50 minute sessions, participants will learn how to fill their plate to lose weight by eating more natural fiber-rich foods. More importantly, they will learn 10 tools designed to help them lose weight permanently. Also in this program, participants will find out if they are actually ready to lose weight now, and if not, how to get ready. 

Program Sessions

Session 1: Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

In this session you’ll discover how to quickly and easily power up your meals with natural, fiber-rich foods.

Session 2: Can All Fiber-Rich Foods Help You Lose Weight?

Here’s where you become master of the menu! You’ll learn all you need to know to tell the difference between fiber foods that help you lose weight—and those that don’t.

Session 3: Meal Makeovers—How to Enjoy a Full Plate and Still Lose Weight

Strategies and tips for transforming meals with Full Plate Superfoods, plus handy tools that keep you strong in your resolve to slim down and grow healthier.

Session 4: It’s More Than Just Food

Become your own best friend when it comes to losing weight by transforming not just your eating—but your thoughts, too. Here’s how!

Session 5: Making the Most of Morning for Weight Loss

Your mom was right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day...and you’ll learn how to get the most from it. Plus, even more handy-dandy tools to help you shape a new way of eating.

Session 6: Smart Grocery Shopping for Losing Weight.

Smart strategies for becoming a grocery guru—that rare shopper whose cart contains exactly what you need to propel you forward on your weight loss journey.

 Session 7: Restaurants: A Dieter’s Dilemma

You can eat out and still lose weight—but not unless you know these secrets of making the menu work for you, not against you.

Session 8: Want to Rev Up Your Weight Loss?

Adding physical activity to eating well can help you lose weight twice as fast—but only if you avoid making the common mistake that derails many dieters.


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